MGMAR has adopted and modified this card from Anne Arundel County Fire and Emergency, to suit the needs of a patient with MG, but any member of the household who takes medications or has a medical condition should have one, too. If you have a medical emergency at home, first responders are trained to look for the card on your refrigerator.  At the hospital, first responders will communicate your information to emergency room personnel. 

There is a place on the card to list drugs that are to be used with caution in patients with MG.  It is wise, also, to update the information as changes occur. Together with the card you may also keep a medical history in greater detail, but the card is essential for quick care.  Keep copies in your purse, at your bedside and anywhere else that someone can readily find it.

Marika Bates

Advocate Committee Chair


The Yellow Card

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The dayglo yellow color of this card may not be your favorite, but it has a purpose:                                                     to be noticed